Anna Evans Architect is a Birmingham based architecture firm specializing in small scale and residential design.

Step 1

Kindly fill out and submit the form found here.


  • Address of new project
  • Type of project 
  • Budget
  • Timeline

Step 2

Meet with Anna to discuss your project in detail. 

Helpful Tools To Bring:

  • Legal survey of your property
  • Program / List of rooms or any particular spaces wanted
  • Inspiring images you've collected
  • Any existing floor plans, elevation drawings, images *Renovation Only

Step 3

Anna develops a Schematic Design.  

This Typically Includes:

  • Site plan
  • Floor plans
  • One or two exterior elevations (depending on project size, etc)


Once a Schematic Design is agreed upon, the Construction Documents begin.  The Construction Documents are very detailed drawings that serve to provide the information needed for a Contractor to provide cost estimates and build the project.


Project goes out for bids or negotiations with Contractor(s).


Contractor selected and Construction begins. Anna works with Owner and Contractor throughout the construction to ensure the project is built in accordance with Construction Drawings.